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Native VPN and HCL Notes on macOS

We recognized a major Notes issue on macOS after upgrading to version 12. Each time we opened up a native VPN connection to our office infrastructure the Notes Client was unable to establish a connection to any Domino sever available. First we thought it might be a DNS issue in macOS which is indeed a bit more complicated than expected. But after some tests, we came to the result that it is a Notes problem.

HCL has published a workaround for this thing that might be helpful. You have to add the line


to the Notes Preferences file on macOS. If you just have a few of such clients then it might be easier to do this manually (see more detailed information in Notes.ini on Mac OS). If there are a couple of macOS Clients out there or they are located around the world it might be more convenient to use a Desktop Policy to roll out this parameter.

When your Mac machines are back in one of your office networks again they will pull the policy and it will work after a restart of the Notes Client.

Have fun.

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lot markWhere Do I Find NOTES.INI On My Mac

If you try to find the notes.ini file on your Mac you will not find one. All application specific properties will be stored in a file called

"Notes Preferences"

in each users home directory. If your user eg is called Keith then navigate to


here you will find the file Notes Preferences which includes the same information and syntax as the notes.ini file.


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lot_markIBM Notes installation on Ubuntu 12.10 and 12.04 LTS

If you want to use the current LTS release 12.04 or the current release 12.10 it is highly recommended to use the 32-bit version of the operating system even if you have more than 4Gb of RAM installed on your pc.

If you really need to install a 64bit version of Ubuntu use the installation script from Mat Newman (very helpfull, Mat. Thanx for sharing it).

If you decided to use the 12.04 LTS version you should now use the ubuntu software center to install a different kernel. Best choice is a so called PAE-Kernel, which means that you still run a 32-bit operating system which aftwerwards will be able to use 36-bit of memory, which means up to 64Gb of Ram. This might be enough for your laptop ;-).

If you installed 12.10 there is no need to install a different kernel because the generic kernel already has enabled the PAE-feature.

The next step is just for 12.04 users.


After installing the new kernel and rebooting your machine check whether you have the right kernel up and running by typing to a shell

uname -r

which results in something like this:


On 12.10 you will just get something like


which is perfectly good enough for us.

After that you have to install some ubuntu libraries to meet all dependencies of IBM Notes. Do a

sudo apt-get install libgnomeprint2.2-0 libgnomeprintui2.2-0 libgnome2-0 libgnomeui-0 libgconf2-4 libgnome-desktop-2-17 libjpeg62 libxss1 ttf-xfree86-nonfree


That's it. After that you can start to install IBM Notes. Switch to the directory where the instalation files are located (eg a network device mounted at /media/install) and start the installation of IBM Notes there by typing

sudo ./

This will install the current version of IBM Notes 9. After finishing the Installation start IBM Notes the first time to configure it correctly.

All components that are shiped will be installed. There is no realy need to install additional libraries to be able to work with IBM Notes on a 32-bit Version of Ubuntu Desktop.

After that, enjoy your IBM Notes client on Ubuntu.


And your PC has a lot of available memory.


If you want to see this as a video have a look at

Any questions or any feedback to this article? Use the button in the right panel to contact us.

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CTRL + M does notes create a new mail in Lotus Notes

If you encounter that using the shortcut ctrl + m does not create a new mail in Lotus Notes and you get the message


Database object can not be located


you have to check your mailbox design. Open the database in Domino Designer and look for the Memo form. Open the form in designer and check the box


Defaul database form




That's it.


Have fun!

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Failure after Quickr upgrade

We currently recognized an error message after installing FP 25 to a Lotus Quickr for Domino server 8.5 FP 25. As part of the update process you need to do a


load qptool unlock -a


which was accompanied with the message


failure to execv child process


This was originated by unusual file permission on qptool. You can solve it by issuing a shell command


chown -R 755 *


in your





This leads into a small trouble because the file




must own the sticky bit. So finally we have to do a


chmod u+s bindsock


to finish the update. Now you can follow the instructions of the update i.e.


load qptool unlock -a


and so on with success