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  1. Refer to the table below for information concerning the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for products of IBM Collaboration Solutions.
  2. Item in the Community update feed reporting error
  3. Connections Mobile Android 6.0.7 for MobileIron
  4. Background extracting file content fails with: CLFRW0517W: Index creation will be interrupted due to request for thread release.
  5. When trying to view IBM Cognos Metrics, the graphs are showing "No data available" and there is no data displayed, only table information is shown.
  6. Connections content manager events are not generated for file related activities.
  7. IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC) for IBM Connections iFix001. Refer to the Readme for a list of fixes
  8. This technote covers how to troubleshoot an issue w/ accessing Connections global and community metrics due to Cognos service availability being prevented by a TCP port conflict error.
  9. How does IBM Connections support removing personal information when requested by users?
  10. For WebSphere Application Server V8.5 customers, support for Java 6 with traditional WebSphere will end in April 2018. Customers using WebSphere Application Server for V8.5 are recommended to move up to Java 8. However, IBM Connections 5.5 and earlier versions are supported only with Java 6. Are there any plans to test Connections 5.5 or earlier versions with Java 8?