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  1. When trying to create a new search index, crawling for the Activities component fails to complete successfully. This problem occurs if there are incorrect values for the SYSTEM_LASTMOD column in the ACTIVITIES.OA_NODE table
  2. IBM Connections 関連のプラグインやアドオンは IBM Collaboration Solutions Catalog からダウンロードできます。
  3. IBM Connections 6.0 customers upgrading to Java SDK for WebSphere Application Server may experience Java NullPointerExceptions like the following: 000002c8 ServletWrappe E service SRVE0068E: An exception was thrown by one of the service methods of the servlet [/web/jsp/searchResults.jsp] in application [Search]. Exception created : [java.lang.NullPointerException at java.lang.Object.hashCode( at java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentH...
  4. IBM Connections CCM CR2 Upgrade: “The Deploy Application task has one or more blank passwords”
  5. Search Magnifying Glass Icon is Missing from Homepage when Using Internet Explorer 11
  6. Searching on Profiles tags reaches a limitation if maxRowsToReturn is greater than 2100
  7. IBM Connections users are unable to access metric; they receive an OP-ERR-0181 error.
  8. If your Componet Pack machines are in the IP range or, then you must change the default value that the Component Pack services and Kubernetes cluster use by following these steps before you install.
  9. For secure environments that have HTTP disabled on the IBM Connections Proxy server, the Component Pack installation will fail when trying to validate the IBM Connections server.
  10. APAR LO93624 is a required iFix for the Component Pack for IBM Connections APAR LO93624 installs localised string that are used in the navigation bar when selecting Orient Me or the classic homepage as the user default.