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The latest updates about Lotus Connections
  1. IBM Connections contains a possible cross-site scripting vulnerability, see details below for remediation information.
  2. IBM Connections 関連のプラグインやアドオン (IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins for Microsoft Windows や IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes) はどこからダウンロードできますか。
  3. Enabling ESI cache in IHS will have an adverse affect on IBM Connections 6.0 causing some features to fail
  4. This package contains the latest version of the Update Installer for IBM Connections 6.0 (2018-12). The Update Installer for IBM Connections has been extended to support IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC)
  5. This document describes the recommended strategy and steps for applying maintenance updates to IBM Connections 6.0. It includes important information on known issues.
  6. When IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 is rolled back to IBM Connections 6.0 CR3 or earlier then the LotusConnections-config folder will need to be manually restored before the rollback is run.
  7. This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 6.0 Cumulative Refresh 5 (CR5)
  8. IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 requires a database update for Files and Wikis.
  9. This document illustrates the steps followed by one administrator to upgrade a server from IBM Connections 6.0 CR4 to IBM Connections 6.0 CR5.
  10. An IC 6.0 CR deployment updates a number of web services and other artifacts that require the end user to clear the browser cache to get the updates. Forcing the browser to load the new web services and artifacts can be done by updating the in the LotusConnections-config.xml so users will see the changes the next time they log in, without having to clear their web browser cache.