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The latest updates about WebSphere Application Server
  1. Knowledge Center in WebSphere Application Server Admin Console needs updated library (CVE-2015-7450)
  2. WebSphere Liberty ND is currently installed with the "WebSphere Java SDK" (
    However, there is a need to install the "Common IBM Java SDK" ( but it is failing to install.

    Command used to install:
    ./imcl install -acceptLicense -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphere...
  3. WSVR0661W was introduced by PH05460, but we always see it if we install additional language option.
  4. Customer wants to stop Auditing subsystem from doing hostname lookup for remote hosts and wants just the IP addresses logged.
  5. The client wants to use the admin console of the AdminAgent to restrict users who access Web admin console.