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Synchronize Follow Up with iOs Devices

Since iOs 5 Apple allows to set so called marks with iOs devices. Starting with Lotus Traveler IBM allows to synchronize the follow up marks vice versa. If you want to set a follow up in Lotus Notes just click on follow up and define the kind of mark as you like.



This setting will be synchonized to your iWhatEverDevice (iWed).

In you iWed it is quiet the same. Just open your mail and tap on "Mark" (the picture is a german translation, sorry)

Then tap on "Mark" to set the follow up on your iWed.

Now choose "Etikett" on your iWed. This will mark your mail as follow up in Lotus Notes and looks like this.

And - last but not least - it looks in your inbox like this.....

And all these informations will be synchonized using Lotus Traveler to your Lotus Notes account to inform you to do something with this special mail.


If you are interested in our workshop all around IBM software and mobile devices (Traveler, Connections, Sametime, Quickr) don't hesitate to contact us.


Have fun!

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lot_markFolder Management with iOS5 and Lotus Traveler

If you like to enable folder management for your users iOS devices you first have to enable the ability. Switch to <dominodata>/traveler/cfg directory of your server and open the NTSConfig.xml file in an ascii-editor (e.g. notepad++).

Inside of the




tag switch the setting




to the value




After that restart the server!

Now your iOS users are able to use the folder management.

For example if you want to edit one of your folders switch to the folders and use the "edit" button in the upper right corner.



Next choose the folder you want to change. In this example we choose the folder




to change it to





Now edit the folders text.




Save the your results to store them and Lotus Traveler will synchronize it back to your Lotus Notes mail-database immediately.