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Local DNS and IOS16

After upgrading to IOS16 on several devices we recognized an issue according to name resolution. Our DHCP-Server offered two types of DNS entries to clients: Some local DNS servers and two Cloudflare ones. This worked like a charm for years. After upgrading our IOS devices we recognized after a while that all local addresses are no longer resolved to addresses. Each time we tried to connect to an office server by name the name could not be resolved.

After some testing with several other devices (macOS, Windows, Linux) we were completely lost: All devices were able to use the DNS system and connect to any server in the office - except the ios ones.

Checking the configuration of our ios devices showed up all necessary DNS servers and the configured fallback to Cloudflare servers. The only difference between the local and the Cloudflare servers is the ability to use DNS over HTTPS. Cloudflare is able, but our local servers are not. To quickly solve this issue we tried to deactivate the Cloudflare servers on our ios-devices - and the DNS system worked as expected.

In the next step, we changed the DNS distribution of our DHCP servers to drop all external DNS servers, which solved the problem immediately.


Enabling DNS over HTTPS on local DNS servers would be a different solution to overcome this issue.

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Workaround for HCL Notes crashing on macOs 12.6

HCL published a runnable version number for those like me, who already migrated macOs to version 12.6. At the moment you would be able to run Notes on your mac if you downgrade to version 11.01 FP6. This might lead to some error messages depending on your configuration. But you will be able to run a functional version of HCL Notes.

For all others, it is recommended to stick to macOs 12.5 or lower.


Read the KB article

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Enable ssh access on a Buffalo Terrastation 5800

Steps to enable ssh acces on Buffalo Terrastation 5800:

  1. Download acpcommandergui_1567.jar from ACP Commander GUI
  2. start java programm acpcommandergui_156.jar and wait for your NAS to become visible
  3. click on 'set root password' and create a new password for user root
  4. Execute '/etc/init.d/ start'
  5. sed -i 's/allowssh no/allowssh yes/g' /etc/sftponly_config

That's it! Have fun....

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IBM Notes and Domino 10 Release Event

IBM announced the releaseevent of Notes/Domino 10 in Frankfurt/ Main at 09th of October. If you want to participate as well you could register at


Hope to meet you there.

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Die Integration von unterschiedlichen Plattformen und Technologien war seit Unternehmensgründung im Jahre 1999 ein Anliegen von uns. Seither unterstützen wir unsere Kunden beim Aufbau, Betrieb und der Entwicklung von integrativen Standards, die zur Vereinfachung von Abläufen und der Beschleunigung der eigenen Prozesse sorgen.

Unsere Arbeit orientiert sich an den Bedürfnissen unserer Kunden!



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