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  1. This document contains information about the IBM Traveler server release.
  2. Traveler Server for Windows Platforms.
  3. Traveler Server for IBMi Platforms.
  4. Traveler Sever for Linux Platforms
  5. This document provides minimum system, device and database requirements for the IBM Traveler 10.0.x Server and later releases.
  6. This document contains a list of IBM Traveler fixes by release including release date and related documentation.
  7. IBM's recommendations for maintenance to be installed for IBM Traveler.
  8. This document contains part numbers and tips for finding IBM Traveler server on Passport Advantage
  9. Starting with Apple iOS 12, native Mail, Calendar and Contacts applications fail to sync if HTTP Basic Authentication is not properly configured.
  10. This document provides information about the Chat with Agent option provided by IBM Support.