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  1. Verse on Android does not display the mail history after the user selects show history.
  2. IBM Verse on Android with MaaS360 may not match the device ID with MaaS360. If using the MDM Cloud extender, the Device ID
  3. When viewing an email on Verse iOS with strikethrough text, the text is shown as normal without the strikethrough.
  4. When a file name of an attachment in Verse iOS was not decoded properly, the user could not open the attachment
  5. Customer has an app passcode enabled with touch id enabled. The app passcode expires, user uses the touch id to launch the app,
  6. When a user has more than 3 all day events within a single day, they are not all displayed.
  7. IBM Traveler Server for Windows Systems.
  8. IBM Traveler Server for Linux Systems.
  9. IBM Traveler Server for IBMi Systems.
  10. This document contains information about the IBM Traveler server release.