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  1. This document provides information about the Chat with Agent option provided by IBM Support.
  2. Notes Client have a feature wherein when a certain calendar meeting is being actioned as Decline, the "Keep me informed of updates" option will prompt. This particular option when "checked", any updates coming from that calendar meeting will still be sent to you, who declined the meeting. Mobile devices does not have this kind of feature, but a setting from the Notes Client can be modified to possibly make your devices receive updates from a calendar meeting.
  3. There are settings from the iOS device that end users can enable to receive notifications when there is an update coming from the application. However, there are cases where even after enabling these settigns, the sound notification from the IBM Verse application still does not work as expected, for new mails. New emails do not even sync automatically and you have to manually pull the Inbox folder (or any personal folders if you have any mail rules) in order for it to sync.
  4. Users cannot delete messages from their device with IBM Traveler installed. Console error displays: "You are not authorized to perform that operation"
  5. Mails deleted on the Sent folder of Notes Client still appears on the Sent items view of the Traveler devices.
  6. Users are not able to configure a device against theTraveler server and are receiving the error "The IBM Notes Traveler server cannot resolve your User ID null to a mail database" when accessing the IBM Traveler server via the external server URL.
  7. Reading email messages should mark the message as Read, Once the email is Read on any client applications, this should sync across all Domino Clients whether it's on the Notes Client, iNotes and Traveler devices.
  8. IBM Verse 9650 (201805291527) for MobileIron
  9. IBM Verse 9650 (201805291527) for Playstore and AndroidEnterprise(AFW) and MaaS360
  10. Refer to the table below for information concerning the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for products of IBM Collaboration Solutions.