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  1. This is a guest post from Docker Captain Elton Stoneman, a Docker alumni who is now a freelance consultant and trainer, helping organizations at all stages of their container journey. Elton is the author of the book Learn Docker in a Month of Lunches, and numerous Pluralsight video training courses – including Managing Apps on […]

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  2. Docker is proud and happy to announce the donation of our cnab-to-oci library to the CNAB project 🎉. This project was created last year after Microsoft and Docker moved the CNAB specification to the Linux Foundation’s Joint Development Foundation. At that time, the CNAB specification repository was moved from the deislab GitHub organization to the […]

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  3. Since its founding, Docker’s mission has been to help developers bring their ideas to life by conquering the complexity of app development. With millions of Docker developers worldwide, Docker is the de facto standard for building and sharing containerized apps.  So what is one source of ideas we use to simplify the lives of developers? […]

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  4. Last Wednesday, the CNCF released the KubeCon Europe 2020 schedule. There are so many talks at KubeCon it can be daunting even to decide what to go to see! Here are some talks by the team at Docker, and some others we think will be particularly interesting. Looking forward to seeing you in Amsterdam! Simplify […]

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  5. While many people know about Docker, not that many know its history and where it came from. Docker was started as a project in the dotCloud company, founded by Solomon Hykes, which provided a PaaS solution. The project became so successful that dotCloud renamed itself to Docker, Inc. and focused on Docker as its primary […]

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  6. 8 billion pulls! Yes, that’s billion with a B! This number represents a little known level of activity and innovation happening across the community and ecosystem, all in just one average month. How do we know? From the number of pulls and most popular images to top architectures, data from Docker Hub and Docker Desktop […]

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  7. As a Docker Compose maintainer, my daily duty is to check for newly reported issues and try to help users through misunderstanding and possible underlying bugs. Sometimes issues are very well documented, sometimes they are nothing much but some “please help” message. And sometimes they look really weird and can result in funny investigations. Here […]

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  8. This is a guest post by Docker Captain Nicholas Dille, a blogger, speaker and author with 15 years of experience in virtualization and automation. He works as a DevOps Engineer at Haufe Group, a digital media company located in Freiburg, Germany. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. In this virtual meetup, I share […]

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  9. One of the most productive meetings I had KubeCon in San Diego last November was a meeting with Docker, Amazon and Microsoft to plan a collaboration around a new version of the CNCF project Notary. We held the Notary v2 kickoff meeting a few weeks later in Seattle in the Amazon offices. Emphasising that this […]

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  10. One of the most requested features for the docker-compose tool is definitely support for building using Buildkit which is an alternative builder with great capabilities, like caching, concurrency and ability to use custom BuildKit front-ends just to mention a few… Ahhh with a nice blue output! And the good news is that Docker Compose 1.25.1 […]

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