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  1. First off, a big thank you to all those who have already submitted a talk proposal for DockerCon LIVE 2021. We’re seeing some really excellent proposals and we look forward to reviewing many more! We opened the CFP on February 8th and with a few more weeks to go before we close the CFP on […]

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  2. One of the things that makes the Docker Platform so powerful is how easy it is to use images from a central location. Docker Hub is the premier Image Repository with thousands of Official Images ready for use. It’s also just as easy to push your own images to the Docker Hub registry so that […]

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  3. Docker Captains are select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others. “Docker Captains Take 5” is a regular blog series where we get a closer look at our Captains and ask them the same broad set of questions ranging from what […]

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  4. This is a guest post from Viktor Petersson, CEO of Screenly is the most popular digital signage product for the Raspberry Pi. Find Viktor on Twitter @vpetersson. In the previous blog post, we talked about how we compile Qt for Screenly OSE using Docker’s nifty multi-stage and multi-platform features. In this article, we build […]

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  5. This is just a quick update to let you know that we’ve released another preview of Docker Desktop for Apple M1 chips, which you can download from our Docker Apple M1 Tech Preview page. The most exciting change in this version is that Kubernetes now works. First, a big thank you to everyone who tried […]

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  6. Many applications can take advantage of GPU acceleration, in particular resource-intensive Machine Learning (ML) applications. The development time of such applications may vary based on the hardware of the machine we use for development. Containerization will facilitate development due to reproducibility and will make the setup easily transferable to other machines. Most importantly, a containerized […]

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  7. Python started in 1991 with humble beginnings focusing on helping “automate the boring stuff.” But over the past few years, we’ve seen Python grow in popularity and become extremely useful not only for scripting but for building modern web applications, machine learning and data science.  The TIOBE Index for February has Python ranked at number […]

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  8. We’re excited to announce that our next Community All Hands will be on March 11th, 2021 @ 8am PST/5pm CET. This quarterly event is a unique opportunity for Docker staff and the broader Docker community to come together for live company updates, product updates, demos, community shout-outs and Q&A. We had more than 1,500 attendees […]

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  9. It’s been one year since we started publishing the Docker Index (stats, trends and analysis from developers and dev teams based on anonymized data from millions of Docker users). At that time we saw how Docker was being used at an incredible scale to power application building globally. Today we are excited to share the […]

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  10. Ahoy! You can now submit your talk proposal for DockerCon LIVE 2021! Taking place May 27, 2021, DockerCon brings together the entire community of Docker developers, contributors and partners to share, teach, and collaborate to grow the understanding and capabilities of modern application developers. The Docker community is growing fast and is incredibly diverse, and […]

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