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  1. When a user accesses the IBM Cloud chat community server with Notes 9.0.1 FP9 (or earlier version), the Audio/Video call icon is disabled. This issue happens due to the old Sametime client code (version 8.5.2) which is shipped with Notes 9.0.1 FPx client.
  2. Sametime 9.0.1 client cannot connect to a Sametime community server, using TLS, through http proxy server. This issue happens on both Standalone Sametime client and Notes Embedded Sametime client.
  3. Changes applied in the Contact List font color under Sametime preferences is not working. 
  4. IBM Sametime 10 について全般的な情報を記載したものです。
  5. IBM Sametime Limited Use V10.0 の新機能を正しく動作させるために、追加の設定が必要です。