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Updating the Searchindex in IBM Connections

If your company works with IBM Connections you might have recognized that searching is one of the big benefits using your social media network. A specialized task is responsible for the abilty to search. This task will update the searchindex frequently, eg every 15 Minutes.

From time to time you might need to rebuild the index for one or for all components of Connections. This process is a bit complicated, timeconsuming and boring because you might monitor this process during several DAYS to rebuild everything. Because of this it is a good idea to write some scripts to automatically rebuild the index.

Here is a checklist for rebuilding the index:

  1. Deactivate regular index service
  2. Start Jython script to rebuild the needed index
  3. Check the rebuild to finish
  4. Stop your search application in Connections
  5. Copy all rebuilded files to all nodes that need the newly generated index
  6. Restart the search application
  7. Restart regular index service

This gives us the ability to update the searchindex unattended. We need some scripts for this activity. You will need at least one shell script to run this and two or three Jython scripts to change some settings in connections, trigger the rebuild of the index and restart everything after finishing the rebuild.

During the next days we will explain the serveral necessary scripts.