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Websphere Installation Manager

From time to time we recognize that it would be nice to switch an Installation Manager installation from admin access to runtime user access. This could be done without a problem. The only things that need to be done is copying some filestructures, adjust file-permissions and change some xml-files.

We pretend to use a Linux machine and the InstallationManager is located in




First of all we need to copy the repository files owned by root to the homedirectory of the runtime user - let's say /home/wasuser


mkdir /home/wasuser/var

cp -R /var/ibm/* /home/wasuser/var/ibm

cp -R /etc/.ibm/* /home/wasuser/etc/.ibm


Now we need to adjust the filepermissions.


chown -R wasuser.wasuser /home/wasuser/*

chown -R wasuser.wasuser /home/wasuser/etc/.ibm/*

chown -R wasuser.wasuser /in/InstallationManager/*


After that we need to adjust some of the filecontents. The following files need to be changed:





Adjust the --accessRights 


admin to nonAdmin


in both files. After that adjust the files 




In both files adjust the 

<property name='accessRights' value='admin'/>

line to the value='nonAdmin'

That's it.